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Fellows in KDMC training programs go on to produce media- and technology-rich stories at their home publications.

DNA Delay: Limited Resources Leave Rape Kits Untested

Suzanne Phan,, September 2012
News10 multimedia reporters Suzanne Phan and Maneeza Iqbal explore the dilemma surrounding untested rape kits- why so many of them remain untested and what impact that has on solving crimes. Link to the web article: In-depth multimedia project:

Argentina, 10 years after the default.

Riccardo Stagliano',, January 2012
In January 2002, the Argentinian economy collapsed under an unbearable debt. How did they get there and how did they recover? Witnesses of those days tell their stories. A webdocumentary inside our own fears.

Early recordings

Ron Harris, AP, December 2011
Flash interactive that looks at early audio recordings made by famed American inventor Alexander Graham Bell and his colleagues. The original glass, wax and copper platters were digitally analyzed and their sounds reconstructed and played publicly for the first time on Dec. 13, 2011. I made this interactive in about two hours.

Interactive presentation: Vendors fund nearly half of incumbent Houston school trustees' campaigns

Jennifer Peebles, Texas Watchdog, October 2011
Texas Watchdog's analysis of three years' worth of campaign donations shows that vendors and contractors to the Houston Independent School District gave nearly half of all contributions to the nine incumbent school board members in the past three years.

Interwoven ethics problems at Houston ISD, Houston Community College, port authority, Harris County -- all one big ball of string

Jennifer Peebles, Texas Watchdog, August 2011
There’s trouble at the Houston school district. There’s trouble at the port authority. There’s trouble at Houston Community College. There’s trouble at the Harris County government. A casual reader of Houston news might think it’s a coincidence that there’s so much controversy in four of Houston’s largest government agencies. But the ongoing ethics concerns at those four agencies include overlapping casts of characters. And officials’ relationships with contractors and vendors are a common theme in all four – in some cases, they’re the same contractors.

Locals Work to Stop Child Sex Trafficking Problem

Suzanne Phan, News10- KXTV Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, May 2011
Sacramento has ranked as high as second as a child prostitution hotspot in the U.S. It's up there with cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City and Oakland. The subject of selling sex and children is disturbing to many people, but in the Sacramento region, many community groups have been galvanized to help combat the problem locally and globally. Web Producer Maneeza Iqbal and I created a comprehensive report to highlight the problem, anti-trafficking experts, pending legislation, and resources available. Check out the extended videos clips, maps, and charts.

Interactive: Listen to some of the characters at the Desert Market

Alana Semuels,, April 2011
The Desert Market is located in Daggett, a desert town that appears abandoned. But for locals, it's a lifeline -- for beer, energy drinks, cigarettes, and most important, the store's owner, who they call Joe. Meet some of Joe's frequent customers through this Flash project

The Gulf spill: A year later

Ron Harris, The AP, April 2011
This was one of our largest ongoing projects for 2010, and the updates continue. We weaved photos, video and some database work into this Flash interactive.

Faces of Freedom

Bill Ruminski,, April 2011
Photo editor Larry Ruehl read that more than 850 World War II veterans die each day across America, so the SouthtownStar set out to document the area men and women who served in the war while they were still with us. We photographed nearly 200 people, interviewed many of them and collected questionnaires from all of them. We published a special print section on Veterans Day and produced an online presentation that involved audio, video, a slideshow, a searchable database and an online map.

North Jersey town-by-town data from the 2010 Census

Bob Rebach, The Record, February 2011
Town by town census data for the North Jersey coverage area of The Record

Federal Money Accounts for a Quarter of Florida's Economy

Kevin Wiatrowski, Tampa Tribune/, November 2010
Examination of 2009 federal spending in Florida and Tampa Bay area shows who's likely to feel the pinch the most when and if newly elected members of Congress keep their pledges to rein in the budget deficit. With interactive map showing per-capita spending by Florida county, Flash-based graphics showing spending over time and breakdown by category, and searchable database of spending at all levels statewide.

Where the lottery takes the biggest bite

Kevin Wiatrowski, TBO Factfinders blog, November 2010
Flash map showing analysis of lottery ticket sales and Bright Futures scholarship awards by ZIP code in Hillsborough County, Fla.

Tampa Bay area's Hispanic population is growing

Kevin Wiatrowski, The Tampa Tribune/, October 2010
A print story based on new Census population estimates was tied to an online story that included a Flash map showing the change in Hispanic population by county for the Tampa Bay region.

Pasco County hopes for high-tech jobs

Kevin Wiatrowski, The Tampa Tribune/WFLA-TV/, October 2010
A story about Pasco County's effort to lure high-tech job and transform the local bedroom community featured a front-page print story, a local section print story, a television package and a TBO Flash graphic detailing the county's employment base.

Cloquet River Water Trail Interactive Map

Gustave Axelson, Minnesota Conservation magazine, September 2010
This Flash interactive map embedded with video clips accompanied a print magazine story about a canoe trip down the Cloquet River.

Life on Main: Stories from Main Street in Belleville, Ill.

Brad Weisenstein, Belleville News-Democrat, September 2010
Like National Geographic's ZIP code profiles, or the New York Times' One in 8 Million, we decided to use a piece of geography as a starting point to tell photo stories. Main Street is the iconic view of Middle America, and Belleville's got one of the longest at 9.2 miles. We use Soundslides to produce these pieces, which grow in value as we add episodes and people can browse through profiles that catch their attention.

Couples and Cash

Kathy Chu, USA TODAY, September 2010
Meet our Money Makeover couples: These couples opened up their financial lives to USA TODAY and the Financial Planning Association. They were matched with financial planners to define their goals and map a path to reach them. Each Monday, we'll profile a couple, and each Friday, we'll offer tips on handling your own finances.

P.I. Reed School of Journalism

John Temple, P.I. Reed School of Journalism, August 2010
Fellow John Temple, who is associate dean of P.I. Reed School of Journalism implemented a program whereby students of the school will produce multimedia projects for local papers, and in turn teach the staffers at those newspapers on how they did it. Congratulations John on spearheading this program.

High Schoolers Explore Race In Response to the Obama Presidency

Sarah Hoye, Tampa Tribune, August 2010
Sarah Hoye (Jan 09) followed a diverse group of students from the election to the end of the 2009 school year, and produced a thought provoking multimedia piece regarding race in the age of Obama . Hoye is a multimedia journalist for the Tampa Tribune.

Undergraduate Research

Harry Mok, UC Berkeley Newsroom, August 2010
Harry Mok (Jan '10) helped put together a multimedia package on undergraduate research. The site has been selected as an upcoming "Webpick of the Day" by Communications Arts.

How the West Balanced Its Budgets?

Stephanie Ogburn, High Country News, August 2010
Stephanie Ogburn's (Jan '10) new Flash map illustrates how deep the defecits are in many West Coast states. Fortunately, it's not all bad news, Oregon and Montana are in the black.

Cloquet River Flash Map

Gustave Axelson, Minnesota Conservation Magazine, August 2010
Gustave Axelson (Jan '10) produced a package about his canoe trip on the Cloquet River with an interactive Flash map. Axelson supported colleagues to create a package on trout angling with a video/photo slideshow, and a feature on Eco Yards with a Flash illustration.

25th Anniversary of the MOVE confrontation in Philadelphia

Laurence Kesterson,, August 2010
Larry Kesterson (July '09) and colleagues at the Philadelphia Inquirer produced an extensive feature on the 1985 stand-off between police and the radical group MOVE. The altercation ended when the city bombed MOVE's bunker on a row home from a helicopter that resulted in burning an entire neighborh

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