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Fellows in KDMC training programs go on to produce media- and technology-rich stories at their home publications.

The Moore Tornado: Walking the path of destruction

Alexandra Nicolas, The Norman Transcript, May 2013
A team of journalists walked the path of the Moore, Okla tornado collecting stories of the storm and meeting people in the process of recovery. The feature is packaged in a scrolling format that leads the reader through the narrative with graphics, videos, photos and other features blended into the text.

COACHELLA 2013: When does Coachella announce the lineup?

Vanessa Franko,, February 2013
I cover the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival every year. My audience grew as the anticipation for the lineup announcement grew. Since so many people found my content by searching when the organizers would announce the lineup, I looked at historical data and made two graphics--one charting when the lineup had been released in prior years and one that was a simple bar graph looking at the frequency of which days of the week were the most popular for the lineup release. I then took the images of the charts and added them in Thinglink to create more engagement opportunities for the reader. It has been shared more than 2,500 times on social media.

College Grads Seek Stability in Government Jobs, Even if it Means Sweeping the Streets

David Barreda, ChinaFile, December 2012
We had some numbers that told the increase in exam takers over a 10 year period. I plotted them in protovis and added some labels and put it in the sidebar. This was the first time I did this on the site, but I think it was effective to show the data rather than only right about it.

DNA Delay: Limited Resources Leave Rape Kits Untested

Suzanne Phan,, September 2012
News10 multimedia reporters Suzanne Phan and Maneeza Iqbal explore the dilemma surrounding untested rape kits- why so many of them remain untested and what impact that has on solving crimes. Link to the web article: In-depth multimedia project:

The Pageant at Palmyra: The Book of Mormon, Like You've Never Seen it Before

Charlotte Hsu, The Buffalo Story Project, July 2012
Utah may be the heartland of the Mormon church, but Upstate New York was where the religion was born. Our latest story talks about The Hill Cumorah Pageant, a flamboyant celebration of the Mormon faith that takes place every year on the very hill where the religion is said to have began. No fancy multimedia features this time, but I used a lot of the skills (Photoshop, WordPress) learned at the Independent Journalists Workshop to put this together! — Charlotte

Coachella 2012: Interactive artist map

Vanessa Franko, The Press-Enterprise/iGuide, February 2012
With more than 100 artists performing at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, I used what I learned at the KDMC Digital Storytelling workshop to create a fusion table with information about each artist. Each point on the map is dynamic and gives you another link for video and more on the artist. As the concert draws closer, the individual points will be updated with interviews, videos and more.

Local government workers earning $100,000 plus

Duane Gang, The Press-Enterprise, January 2012
To help out over the New Year's weekend, I did a quick-turn daily on the change in the number of local government workers in our coverage area earning $100,000 or more. The data comes from the California Controller's Office, which began collecting local compensation information in the wake of the 2010 scandal in Bell, Calif. I did a quick Google bar chart to correspond with a similar one in print, as well as a Google map using fusion tables. The map allows readers to click on each city and see the change in the number of employees earning $100,000 or more.

Which Way Home?

Devin Maverick Robins, Marketplace , December 2011
Three years after the bubble burst, what role does home ownership play in the American dream? An hour-long special in collaboration with the New York Times, asking "Which Way Home?"

Inside Occupy Wall Street

Riccardo Stagliano', La Repubblica, December 2011
Five days inside the movement which is changing american politics

Interactive presentation: Vendors fund nearly half of incumbent Houston school trustees' campaigns

Jennifer Peebles, Texas Watchdog, October 2011
Texas Watchdog's analysis of three years' worth of campaign donations shows that vendors and contractors to the Houston Independent School District gave nearly half of all contributions to the nine incumbent school board members in the past three years.


Riccardo Stagliano', la Repubblica, October 2011
Science is still divided about the consequences of cellphones on our brains. There are two main studies, the international Interphone and those made by the swedish professor Lennart Hardell. The first one, at first sight, seems to deny a link. The second one accuses them, after 10 years of usage, of doubling the risk of developing a brain tumor. On May 31, 2011, Iarc, the specialized agency of the World Health Organization, has reversed his course by including cellphone radiations among "possible carcinogens" (group 2B)

Operation Geronimo

Riccardo Stagliano', la Repubblica, October 2011
Interactive chronicle of the last few hours of life of Osama Bin Laden

Derek Jeter reaches 3000-hit milestone

Bob Rebach,, July 2011
Interactive Protovis charts looking at Derek Jeter's stats upon reaching the 3,000 hit milestone in baseball. He is the first Yankee in the history of the franchise to reach this mark.

Ashby's District 1 grew 123 percent

Kathleen Haley, The Sacramento Press, June 2011
Sacramento City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby’s district has grown 123 percent since 2000, skyrocketing from a population of 47,670 in 2000 to a population of 106,729 in 2010. But it won’t stay that way for much longer – the city intends to chop it up in this year’s redistricting process.

Locals Work to Stop Child Sex Trafficking Problem

Suzanne Phan, News10- KXTV Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, May 2011
Sacramento has ranked as high as second as a child prostitution hotspot in the U.S. It's up there with cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City and Oakland. The subject of selling sex and children is disturbing to many people, but in the Sacramento region, many community groups have been galvanized to help combat the problem locally and globally. Web Producer Maneeza Iqbal and I created a comprehensive report to highlight the problem, anti-trafficking experts, pending legislation, and resources available. Check out the extended videos clips, maps, and charts.

The Gulf spill: A year later

Ron Harris, The AP, April 2011
This was one of our largest ongoing projects for 2010, and the updates continue. We weaved photos, video and some database work into this Flash interactive.

Lampedusa, gateway to Europe

Riccardo Stagliano',, March 2011
Thousands of people from Tunisia are fleeing from their country. They don't believe that the revolution will bring soon a better future. And they risk their life sailing towards Italy, to enter Europe for a better life. Hundreds of people everyday land in Lampedusa, a tiny island, south of Sicily. There's already a humanitarian crisis but, in spite of the fearmongering that some members of the Berlusconi government spread, ordinary people of Lampedusa react very well to the so-called "invasion". As this webdocumentary tries to demonstrate.

North Jersey black families leaving for lure of new South

Bob Rebach, The Record (Bergen County), February 2011
A story about the dwindling black population in North Jersey. The graphic shows population by town, from 1990, 2000 and 2010 census, and by census tract for 2010, as a percent of the total population.

North Jersey town-by-town data from the 2010 Census

Bob Rebach, The Record, February 2011
Town by town census data for the North Jersey coverage area of The Record

Getting to work from North Jersey

Bob Rebach,, January 2011
Charts comparing commute time and departure time for the U.S., N.J. and Bergen and Passaic counties in New Jersey.

Average gas price hits $3 in Bergen-Passaic, again

Bob Rebach,, January 2011
Graphic on the price of gas over a two and a half year period, from when gas was at $4 a gallon to a low of $1.25 a gallon and back up to $3 a gallon.

December is worst month for driving in N.J., analysis shows

Bob Rebach,, January 2011
Two Protovis charts to accompany a story about accidents on North Jersey roads in December.

After the Chino Prison Riot

Sharon Mcnary, KPCC Southern California Public Radio, November 2010
Public Insight Journalism crowdsourcing and traditional reporting methods combine to tell the story of the Chino prison riot of August 2009. The web presentation includes dozens of letters written by inmates of a California prison describing conditions before, during and after the riot. Some of the men were held outdoors in metal cages with inadequate clothing and shelter for days after the riot. The story came to KPCC via sources responding to general questions to the public about prison life. One of our sources won the SPJ Sunshine Award for efforts to make government more open.

Democrats and Republicans Hit Voter Rallies

Manuel De La Rosa, South Texas Tribune, November 2010
Democrats and Republicans hit voter rallies in Nueces County. We were there to talk to locals about what happened and to get photos of their appearance.

Who wins or loses from mass immigration?

Ronald Campbell, The Orange County Register, October 2010
Part 3 of OC Register immigration series examines impact of immigration on wages. Scroll down left side of story to link to interactive charts showing shift in wages by education and occupation from 1970 to 2008.

California's addiction to immigrant labor

Ronald Campbell, The Orange County Register, October 2010
California is addicted to immigrant labor. Over the past four decades, the state has come to depend on immigrant brains and brawn to an extent unmatched by any other state and almost any developed country.

Five Years Later: Hurricane Katrina

Julia Schmalz, USA Today, October 2010
January 20008 fellow Julia Schmalz contributed work to producing a multimedia site which recalls the devastation associated with Hurricane Katrina.

Cloquet River Water Trail Interactive Map

Gustave Axelson, Minnesota Conservation magazine, September 2010
This Flash interactive map embedded with video clips accompanied a print magazine story about a canoe trip down the Cloquet River.

Couples and Cash

Kathy Chu, USA TODAY, September 2010
Meet our Money Makeover couples: These couples opened up their financial lives to USA TODAY and the Financial Planning Association. They were matched with financial planners to define their goals and map a path to reach them. Each Monday, we'll profile a couple, and each Friday, we'll offer tips on handling your own finances.

Dreams of Steady Work Fade for Hispanic Workers

Kathy Chu, USA TODAY, September 2010
Since Hurricance Katrina, tens of thousands of Hispanic workers, most of them undocumented, have poured into battered sections of the Gulf Coast. They've supplied the labor to rebuild, to keep businesses running and to boost tax revenue. To support their families back home, they often will work longer hours and for less pay than other laborers. Yet the economic dream that drew them here has weakened. For some, pay is falling. And jobs are scarcer, because the most urgent work — gutting homes and removing debris — is mostly finished. Though years of rebuilding remain, not enough state and insurance money has arrived to pay for it.

Ford Hopes Free Driver's Ed in Vietnam Leads to Sales

Kathy Chu, USA TODAY, September 2010
In Vietnam, Ford and other carmakers are using a unique campaign to hook consumers with their cars: Driving schools. Ford's driving school in Ho Chi Minh City aims to teach a nation of bikers and walkers to drive a car.

A Soldier's Story - The Vietnam Experience Opens at Petaluma Museum

Frances Rivetti,, September 2010
Simple slideshow use of digital photos bring a story to life for the reader and are quick and easy to utilize as shown here in an article announcing the opening of a Vietnam War exhibit at a community library

Local Coach's in Video

Eric Seals, Detroit Free Press, August 2010
Fellow Eric Seals, photographer and multimedia producer for the Detroit Free Press produced this fantastic video on local coach Courtney Hawkins of Flint (MI) Beecher High School.

KDMC Fellows Win a National Emmy

Shilanda Woolridge, Detroit Free Press, August 2010
Kathleen Galligan (June 08) and Regina Boone (Jan 08) were part of the Detroit Free Press team that won an Emmy for their multimedia package on Christ Child House, a foster home for boys in Detroit.

Cow Power Raising a Stink in Central California

Pj Huffstutter, Los Angeles Times, August 2010
Some Central Valley dairy farmers use dairy digesters to turn cow manure to electricity. Unfortunately, this process has come under fire for creating pollution through large concentrations of methane gas. P.J. Huffstutter (Jan '10) documented the dairy digester process in a slide show for the Los Angeles Times.

Where is Huguette Clark?

Bill Dedman,, August 2010
Huguette Clark is the daughter of William Andrews Clark, a copper baron who was almost as rich as Rockerfeller. The 103-year-old heiress owns many estates, but doesn't live in any of them. Bill Dedman (Jan '08) explores the mystery of the ever elusive Huguette in a slideshow for Also see the interview with Bill Dedman in E-Media Tidbits about the project.

Poynter Institute Showcases KDMC Fellows Using Timelines with Dippity

Shilanda Woolridge, Poynter Online, August 2010
Two KDMC fellows were quoted in a Poynter article about creating interactive timelines using Dipity. Craig Gima (Jan'10), assistant city editor and reporter at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, produced a timeline to explain an ongoing crime story. Wendy Norris (Jan '10), editor and publisher at Western Citizen, used a timeline to organize the events of the Ted Haggard sex and drug scandal.

Take a Trip to Minnesota Via Multimedia

Gustave Axelson, Minnesota Conservation Magazine, August 2010
Gustave Axelson (Jan '10) assembled a slide show for the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer about a farmer that sued to save his wetlands and won. Axelson coached his associate editor on putting together this white water rafting trip down the Rice Creek Water Trail.

Invasive Pests

Alec Rosenberg, UC Berkeley Newsroom, August 2010
Alec Rosenberg (July '08) assembled a package about how the University of California helps to inform the public about invasive pests.

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