Testimonials by KDMC Fellows

Participants in KDMC training programs weigh in on their experiences.

Mindy Bricker

Exceeded my expectations. I was lost and now I am found. I'm a born-again journalist.

Sara Lerner

How valuable? Extremely, immensely, incredibly valuable. I expected this workshop to teach me a few things, like how to edit video. I did not know that, instead, I would learn a thousand things and would leave feeling like I just spent a semester at school again, in the best way. This workshop gave me a lightning bolt. I feel giddy again.

Sue Pleming

Kirsty Johnston

Vanessa Franko

Fantastic. This took me to the next level from what I learned at KDMC's Multimedia Storytelling session in December. I was comfortable enough with what I took from that session that when I returned, I felt confident in my data skills enough to let my mind be blown by everything I can do with these new tools. I also have a whole new appreciation for our meager graphics department.

Kelly Metz

This workshop was incredibly valuable - I now have a solid foundation for new kinds of Web and multimedia journalism and an idea of where I want to go from here and what I want to take back to my news organization.
I want to go through all of my notes and start coming up with ideas to better my news organization and the news/digital experience for other reporters; I want to train others in all the techniques I have learned; and I also want to expand on my own.

I came into this workshop as a social media junkie and curious person and I'm leaving this workshop with a sturdy understanding of what I want to do, where I want to go from here and what I need to do in order to continue and further my own growth as a digital journalist.

Jennifer Peebles

This was an incredible experience. The stuff we learned is all very practical, and I know I can put it all into use immediately in my newsroom (and use it to train others).

The trainers are all great. The participants were a great group, and I know I have made many new friends here. I can't wait to see what kind of creative and informative projects they'll produce now.

Patricio Espinoza

200%, in one week my skills level improved tremendously in areas like Ads management, data mapping and wordpress among others.

Jackie Spinner

This was an incredible experience, and I am so grateful that I was selected for this fellowship....I also am excited to teach my students, really teach them....

It was valuable to see how the sessions were taught, and I really can't say enough about how this week inspired me, made me think about the role of news and how to present it and where to reach the readers.

I got so much out of being with my fellow journalists, because at the end of the day (before log-out and shut down) I am a journalist first. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Katti Gray

I'm a freelancer, managing to stay afloat in a tight/retrenching market and clear that I've got to provide more than words/reportage (and the occasional photo that I sell along with my articles) to continue in the craft to which I remain totally devoted. I also am part of a growing private/personal circle of freelancers, some of whom have very much bought into this new media model but haven't a clue on how to wade fully into it.

I'll be sharing with them what I've learned here, my cheat sheets, and, more importantly, pointing them to the free tutorials that I suspect most of them do not even know exist. For my own part, I spend so much time reporting and writing that I'd not investigated many of the no-cost, low-cost tools ... I'm inspired and encouraged!

Diana Marszalek

Though ultimately I may use some of the tools we learned more and some less, the way the trainers put using the technology into the larger context of transforming the delivery of news in new and successful ways was hugely valuable.

While I have long heard about the importance of components of this new age of journalism -- mobile, user tools -- I was lacking in knowing how to use them to engage consumers to the next level and, ultimately, what doing that means to growing and sustaining the business.

Phuong Ly

This was TERRIFIC. I am no longer afraid of wordpress. I can actually make my own portfolio site without relying on a friend or hiring someone else. Also very valuable -- data mapping, video training and photos.

Kimberly Moy

This workshop was extremely valuable to me. I thought all the training sessions and speakers were varied and covered much of what I had hoped to learn here. The hands-on project was also a great opportunity to gain some experience with things I had never done before. The workshop was also valuable for the diversity of people and their backgrounds — it really helped to make for lively conversation and to learn more about how other work environments are set up and what works or doesn't work there.

Robert Mc Clure

Robert McClure, co-founder, InvestigateWest

“The KDMC training was a crucial building block for me and the non-profit news organization I am helping to build. The part that was specifically most helpful to me was the ideas I got about how to think about which techniques and platforms are most appropriate for any given story. We're doing lots of stories. The question going in is: Which platforms are most important for *this* story? KDMC gave me a hugely needed and firm grounding in thinking about that question, which is foundational for any story we undertake.”