compact flash audio recorders

Downloading Audio to a Computer

The audio on the compact flash card can be downloaded onto a computer in several ways.

You can use a USB cable to connect the recorder to a computer and then use the recorder to select and download audio files. For assistance with this, check the manual for your recorder.

Or you can transfer the audio to a computer using an inexpensive "card reader" that attaches to the computer via a USB cable.

With a card reader, you remove the compact flash card from the audio recorder and insert it into the card reader.

A folder then will appear on your computer desktop for the compact flash card, and inside that folder are your audio files (on a Macintosh computer, the card also will appear as a "volume" icon in the upper portion of the Finder window). You then can move the audio files from this folder onto the computer or a portable storage device like a CD or a firewire drive.

Note: Before moving audio files onto the computer, you first should playback your audio on the recorder and make note of the track numbers you may want to use.

Then you can more easily identify those same numbered files in the desktop folder for your card, and only move those over to the computer or firewire drive.

With the Marantz PMD660 recorder, after you insert the compact flash card into the card reader and open the folder on the desktop, inside it you'll see another folder and two files:

  • MPGLANG1 (folder)
  • PMD660.CPY
  • PMD660.EDL

Your audio files are inside the MPGLANG1 folder, so open that folder.

Each track will appear as a separate file in the folder. Each file name will have a number at the end that corresponds with the track number for the audio segment when it was recorded.

On a Mac computer, with the Finder in List view, you can select one of the audio files in the folder to preview it. Click on the play arrow in the Preview window to play the audio file you've selected.

You then can drag the files you want onto the computer desktop, onto some other folder on the computer or onto a portable storage device such as a CD or firewire drive.

After transferring the audio files, you should rename the files you've moved to the computer or firewire drive, giving them names more descriptive of the audio segment in each file.

Just be sure to keep the .wav extension at the end of any file you rename. And don't rename the files on the CF card.

When done, eject the card reader from the computer before removing the card (select the card icon on the desktop and simultaneously press the Apple + e keys).