build 960 design grids in photoshop

Organize your template

It's important to organize and protect your template. A few simple edits will make the file easier to use and help you for years to come.

In your Layers panel, hold down Shift and select the three guide layers you just made.
Click the top-right corner of the Layers panel, select New Group from Layers and name it Grids.

A folder now appears in your Layers panel. Select the Group layer and click the small triangle next to the folder icon to look inside and see your layers.

Manage your layers

With the Group Layer selected, click the Lock icon near the top of the Layers panel. This prevents accidental movement of your grid layers but still allows you to change their visibility.

Under View in the menu bar, select Show -->  Grid. Selecting this when it's checked hides the grid.

Now explore your template, turning Layers off and on. We made two horizontal grids, 12- and 16-columns. If you view both at the same time, you get a 4-column grid.

Column grid views

Save this as a Photoshop file in a safe place. If you lose it or it gets corrupted, you can download the final file and reopen in Photoshop.