build 960 design grids in photoshop

Create and set up your document

Start by opening Photoshop. Once the Application fisihes launching, go to the File menu and select New... to create a new Photoshop document. Change the settings to:

  • Width: 960 pixels
  • Height: 1200 pixels
  • Resolution: 72 pixels per inch.

Create 960 grid document

Under View in the menu bar, select Show -->  Grid.

Under Photoshop in the menu bar, select Preferences -->  Guides, Grid and Slices.

  • Change the color to Light Gray in the grid section.
  • Change the Gridline to every 10 pixels.
  • Change Subdivisions to 1.

turn on image grids and set prefs

Click on Units and Rulers in the left-side panel and change Rulers to Pixels. Click OK.

change document units

Save as 960-grid.psd