build an animated ad in photoshop cs4.

Gather your content

Once you've sold an ad, you need to gather all of the pieces that you will use to build it. First, download the project files.

Logo/fonts: Some advertisers will have electronic files that you can use in your ads. Some may only have bad black and white print-outs (We'll tackle this in our exercise).

Creative Commons license: There is a ton of art on the internet that can be used for free for commercial purposes. You can search on flickr or WARNING: Double-check that any Creative Commons art that you find is legitimate. Copyrighted work is sometimes posted by someone who doesn't own it.

Royalty-Free: You can purchase stock photos for a few dollars each from several companies. Two good resources are iStockPhoto and BigStockPhoto.

Take photos: If you make a sale at the advertiser's business, pull out a camera and take some detail photos. Avoid photos of a store front. They are hard to read at small sizes.