building flash templates


Flash templates provided by Jane Stevens, Val Krist and the staff of the Ventura County Star. 

Adobe Flash is a program used to display rich interactive animation and multimedia content on the Web.

One of the main advantages of Flash is that it stores all of the information in a single file that can be easily integrated with most Content Management Systems. Flash is great for showcasing various pieces of media in a dynamic way that can be completely controlled by the author. However, it should be noted that Flash is not a method to replace HTML Web pages. While Flash opens up certain capabilities, its nature of being a single locked file prevents a flash project's text from being read by some search engines, screen readers for the blind and archiving Web services that cache Web pages. Use Flash only as a way to display media in a self-contained "shell," knowing that the surrounding HTML will complement it.

This tutorial will go through the process of constructing a simple flash template with three buttons. Each button will take you to a different section of the project that will showcase your videos, photo slideshows or Google map mashup.

This is a sample of the end product this tutorial will show you how to create:

This tutorial was written for people using either Flash 8 or Flash CS3, under the ActionScript 2.0 language.

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