business and corporation records

California Secretary of State Partnership Records

Partnerships set up to operate in California must file partnership papers with the California Secretary of State's Office.

The filings list the address of the partnership and its general partner or partners.

Partnership Name Index

The Secretary of State's Office keeps an alphabetical list on a computer terminal of all partnerships operating in the state.

The index will list the partnership’s address and the names of the general partners (limited partners, who are more passive investors and do not play an active role in the partnership, are not listed).

There are several different types of partnerships, all listed in a single index at the Secretary of State's Office. They include:

  • general partnerships
  • limited partnerships
  • limited liability partnerships
  • limited liability companies

The main difference between each of these, and the difference between all of them and incorporated companies, has to do in part with the legal and tax liabilities the partners have for the operations of the partnership. For more on the distinctions, see the section on Help Understanding Different Types of Businesses.

Partnerships also record their partnership papers with the county recorder's office in counties in which they are operating. So you can also check a county recorder's office to find a partnership's filing.