business and corporation records

Search Tips

Before you search the various databases of public records on businesses, it's important to try to gather as much background as you can on the business.

Knowing where a company is located will help you identify which local or state agencies might have records on it. Or if the kind of business the company is engaged in is regulated by the government, you'll know to check an online database of a particular business licensing or regulatory agency.

With more information on a business, you'll also better be able to distinguish the business you're researching from other businesses that may have nearly identical names.

So always begin by running the business's name through a Web seach engine, such as Google, to see what information is available on it. You may find a home page for the business, a listing in an online yellow pages guide or just references to the business at other websites.

Look especially for anything that identifies the headquarters city or a specific address for a company, any officers of the company, and the type of business in which it's engaged.