business and corporation records

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Records Online

Most of the corporation reports filed with the SEC going back to 1993 can be viewed online using the SEC’s Edgar (Electronic Data Gathering And Retrieval) database and search engine. Go to:

Edgar Company Filings

Type the name of a company into the search box and it will search the headings of documents filed with the SEC to get a list of the electronic reports available on the company.

You also can search the full text of SEC filings for the past four years (for example, to find mentions of a company in filings by another company). For other search options, see the main SEC Edgar search page.

Stock Ownership

Stock ownership information also is available online for officers and directors in a corporation.

Do a search by the name of a company as described above and then look for listings for documents titled Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities.

Or you can search by the name of a person to find stock ownership filings by that person. Use the same Edgar Company Filings search page described above, but type in a person's name as lastname firstname, with no comma in between.

For more help using the Edgar site, try the How Do I Use Edgar Web page.

Corporation Websites and SEC Filings

Corporations that file with the SEC also put copies of those filings on their websites.

At a corporation's website look for a link to investors or investor relations to find the SEC documents.