canon vixia hf10

Battery Info

The Canon HF10 comes with a standard regchargable battery pack called the BP-809. Canon also makes an optional battery called the BP-819, but for the purposes of this tutorial it will be referred to as simply the "extended battery pack." Every camera kit at the school of journalism comes with one of each of these batteries.

Here is a table of approximate recording times. These times are adjusted conservatively, so actual life may vary.

Battery Pack FXP  XP+  SP
 BP-809 (standard)  50 min.  55 min.  55 min.
 BP-819 (extended)  120 min.  130 min.  130 min.

To remove the battery, you must push the switch at the bottom of the camera, and the battery will slide down.

Underside of the Canon VIXA HF10

Also, at any time, even when the camera is off, you can press the Disp/Batt Info button which is located on the side of the camera (the screen has to be open to see it) to bring up a menu of what percentage of the battery charge is left, and the approximate recoding time you can expect.

Menu showing the remaining time left on the battery

Remember, the recording time is approximate, and you should be conservative with your usage.

This camera also has the ability to plug into an AC wall plug, which will both power the camera and charge any attached batteries. The adapter socket is on the back underneath a small door. Pull out the "DC IN" door to reveal the plug.

AC Adapter plug on the Canon VIXA HF 10