canon vixia hf10

Setting up the Memory Card

Inserting the memory card

The Canon HF10 is a dual recording system that will capture video/photos to either a Secure Digital High Capacity memory card, or internal flash memory, but not both at the same time. You can, however, record to the internal memory and copy the footage over to a memory card without hooking the camera up to a computer.

16gb SDHC Memory card from Transcend

IMPORTANT: The Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards are NOT the same as a regular Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. While both cards appear identical, the newer cards use a technology that requires a special card reader that supports SDHC. While these SDHC cards will physically fit into older memory card readers, they can't be read unless the card reader supports these cards specifically.

To insert the memory card, open the screen and click the switch that says CARD OPEN. Do not try to open the card without using this switch.

Card door open on the Canon VIXA HF 10

Slide in the memory card face up (the metal contacts should be facing down) and push it all the way in. Once the card is pushed in far enough, it will lock into place. Never force a memory card into the slot if it is not going in.

Inserting a memory card into the Canon VIXA HF 10

To eject the memory card, simply push the card further in and a spring will push the card out.

Changing the camera settings to use the memory card

As previously mentioned, this camera can be set to record to either an external memory card or the built-in camera memory. Once the camera is set to use one type of media, it will stay set to that type even if the camera is shut off. The key way to know what type of media the camera is setup to record on is to look for the respective icon designations on the screen.

SD memory card icon indicating the camera will record to SD
SD memory card icon indicating the camera will record to external cards.

Internal memory icon indicating the camera will record to built-in memory
Built-in memory icon indicating the camera will record to internal memory.

If using the proper type of SDHC (Class 6 or higher) card, there is no advantage to recording to either type of media in terms of quality or reliability. We instruct all students at the UC Berkeley school of journalism to only record to the SDHC memory cards that have been assigned to them.

If you need to change the media type that camera is recording to, use the following procedure.

To change this setting, you first must turn on the camera and go into the menu system.

  1. Turn on the camera by pressing the silver POWER button at the top.
  2. Turn the control knob to the red video camera icon (second from the left).
    Main control dial on the Canon VIXA HF 10
  3. You will be in video mode, and the camera will be prepared to shoot video footage. Now press and hold FUNC. button for about two seconds. (The func button is located just below the viewfinder screen.)
  4. The next screen is a main options menu for general camera settings. Scroll down using the joystick (located just to the left of the screen) to the second option which is called MEMORY OPER.
    Camera memory menu on Canon VIXA HF 10
  5. This menu will allow you to get information about the current memory setup, or to change the type of memory that is used for recording. Use the joystick to move the selection to the right and then scroll down to the MEDIA options. You can adjust which media to use for taking photos (MEDIA:IMAGES) or for recording video (MEDIA:MOVIES).
  6. To change the options, you must press the joystick in (like a button) and select the appropriate media type ("BUILT IN MEM" or "CARD") by pressing the joystick in again.
  7. Press the FUNC. button to return to the camera mode.

Erasing the memory card for later use

The "Initialize" option under MEMORY OPER is for reformatting (erasing) either the memory card or the internal camera memory. Be very careful with this setting, as you can accidentally erase footage you captured.

Copying clips from internal memory to the SDHC card

Students can copy individual clips from the built-in internal camera memory to the external memory card. While we don't recommend doing this for organizational reasons, it's good to know it's possible in case a student wishes to retrieve footage stored on the internal memory.

Note: You can only copy individual clips, one at a time.

To copy content from the memory card, you must be in the video playback mode. Change the setting of the main control dial to the red camera with the triangle.

Video Playback icon
Video playback icon

Once in video playback mode, you will see a screen that will show you all of the clips from a particular media as thumbnails. You can use the small joystick to the left of the screen to navigate around.

Video playback menu on the Canon HF 10

There are four tabs along the top of the screen. They are built-in memory, SD card memory, built-in memory playlist, and SD card memory playlist. We will generally never use the playlist features of this camera. Use the joystick to scroll to the clip you wish to copy over to the SDHC card. (You have to be in the internal memory section)

Press the FUNC. button (located just below the screen) once.

Menu to move videos to memory card on Canon VIXA HF 10

A new sub-menu will pop up just below this screen. The option to the left will allow you to copy that clip to the external memory card.

If the option is grayed out, that likely means that you are either: Under the SD tab section, do not have an SD card plugged in, or you do not have a clip selected (your selection is still on one of the tabs).