canon vixia hf10

Using the Wireless Microphone System

The Audio-Technica PRO 88W wireless microphone system is compatible with most video camera recorders and has a range of up to 300 feet with a direct line of sight.

Battery Info 

The transmitter and receiver are each operated by a 9V alkaline battery. Students are responsible for purchasing their own 9V batteries. To install battery, connect it to wires as shown below.

 Connect battery

Then place battery in its compartment with ribbon underneath for easy removal.  Slide cover into place, top-side first.

Place battery

Note: Although the receiver has a plug for a power adapter, these kits do not come with one, so don't forget those batteries!

Using the Transmitter 

1) Turn transmitter ON.  A red light will appear. 

2) The receiver and the transmitter have two channel options: "A" and "B".  Make sure both are set to the same channel.

3) Plug either the handheld microphone or the Lavaliere microphone (the small, bulbous one) into the MIKE INPUT jack on top of the transmitter. Use the supplied clip to attach the Lavaliere to to the subject's clothing.

Handheld mic

Lavaliere mic

4) Subject can put the transmitter in a pocket or clip to a belt.

Using the Receiver

 1) Turn receiver ON.  A red light will appear.

 2) As mentioned above, make sure both units are set to the same channel.

 3) Attach the receiver to the video camcorder by inserting the mounting bracket foot to the camcorder's accessory shoe.   

 4) Connect the mini-plug audio signal cable from the MIKE OUT jack on the receiver to the (red) external mic jack on  the back of the camcorder.

Mini-plug audio signal cable

 5) We recommend you attach the headphones to the (yellow) phone plug in the back of the camcorder to listen to the signal. There's a little bit of a delay when you listen this way.  If the delay really bugs you, you can plug in the headphones or the monitor earphone to the PHONE OUT jack on the receiver. You will, however, only be able to hear on one ear of the headphones if you plug into the receiver.




A. If the selected channel is noisy, switch both the transmitter and the receiver the other channel. 

B. If there is a "dead spot" in a room (indicated by noise on the external earphone or headphones), try a slight change of position or changing the channel.

C.  Low ceiling fluorescent lighting, overhead telephone lines or close proximity to metal fences can all cause static.  If this occurs, try a slight change of position and/or try changing channels.

D. When the battery voltage of a unit drops below 6V, the red light indicator will go out.  This means you need a new battery.  (Note: To save battery power, turn off the units when they are not in use.)