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KDMC produces a wealth of digital media tutorials to support our training sessions and classes. While the focus of some tutorials is on technology and journalism, most are general enough to be of use to anyone.

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Flash Templates

A tutorial on how to create and use templates for creating news projects using Adobe Flash. A general understanding of the basics of Flash is required for this instruction on implementing the templates.


Soundslides has become one of the industry standards in creating audio slideshows due to its simple interface, low cost and its devotion to journalistic storytelling.

Building Flash Templates

This tutorial will go through the process of constructing a simple Flash template with three buttons. Each button will take you to a different section of the project that will showcase your videos, photo slideshows, or a Google map mashup. This tutorial was written for people using either Flash 8 or Flash CS3, under the ActionScript 2.0 language.

ActionScript 3.0 for Journalists

This tutorial covers basic ActionScript 3.0 for journalists. ActionScript is a programming language used in the Adobe Flash program to extend its capabilities. This tutorial is written as a complement to a class taught at the UC Berkeley Journalism school on Flash, however it is posted here for public use.

Introduction to Flash

This tutorial is designed as a guide for a class taught at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. It teaches the basics of the Adobe Flash program.

Using Flash buttons

This tutorial is an introduction to the Adobe Flash CS4 program. It will instruct the basics of the Flash interface, and how to incorporate button symbols in Flash. It is intended for people who have never used Flash before.

Embedding Multimedia

This is where your skills come together - Web page creation skills, interview skills, audio and video editing skills, and storytelling skills all converge at this point. Inserting media into Web pages is a bit more difficult than creating plain old HTML with graphics, but if you've mastered the other tutorials in this site, you'll do fine.

Building a slideshow with Flash

Adobe Flash is a powerful vector-based animation tool that has become the de facto standard for multimedia on the Internet because it allows authors to create online presentations with minimum file sizes. This is an entry-level tutorial to introduce Flash's basic features to people who have never used it before.

Flash Links and Resources

Additional reading, related software, training and more.