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KDMC produces a wealth of digital media tutorials to support our training sessions and classes. While the focus of some tutorials is on technology and journalism, most are general enough to be of use to anyone.

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The Transition to Digital Journalism

This is an overview of the transition to digital journalism that many news organizations and individual journalists are undertaking.

The guide provides background information, data and history on the trends and tools that are rapidly changing the practice of journalism. It's designed to serve as a starting point for discussions at news organizations and among journalists about what needs to be done.

This is also very much a work in progress - we'll be constantly adding new information and new sections, including an exploration of the business side of online publishing. We welcome suggestions and comments to improve the guide.

Picking the Right Media for a Story

How do you decide whether to take a video camera, a photo camera, an audio recorder or just a good old reporter's notebook on a story?

This tutorial gives you some tips on how to make those choices.

Intro to cleaning data

Understanding how to clean data is an important skill every reporter needs. Learn how spreadsheets work, basic data-cleaning workflow and how to use formulas and functions.

Taxonomy of Digital Story Packages

Online story packages take a variety of forms on the Internet. Some borrow heavily from old media formats, others try to define what kinds of storytelling are native to a digital format.

Reporting Links and Resources

Additional reading, related software, training and more.