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KDMC produces a wealth of digital media tutorials to support our training sessions and classes. While the focus of some tutorials is on technology and journalism, most are general enough to be of use to anyone.

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WordPress: Getting Started

New to WordPress? This tutorial will guide you through the basic steps of publishing with the world's most popular content management system. Learn how to post and mange your content, manage tags and categories, upload media and more.

WordPress: Beyond the Basics

Now that you've found your footing with WordPress, it's time to roll up your sleeves and dig deeper. In this tutorial we cover building menus and sidebar widgets, installing and working with themes and plugins, batch post management, using the Links manager, and more.

WordPress: Managing Settings

This is a companion to the WordPress: Beyond the Basics tutorial. It takes a deep dive into all the options found in the Settings section of the WordPress Dashboard.

Installing WordPress

Depending on your existing web experience, the most complex aspect of running a WordPress site may be the installation process. In this tutorial, we demystify the process of using WordPress installers at popular web hosts, and offer pointers on first post-installation steps.

WordPress: Photo Galleries

Learn how the WordPress Media Library and galleries work, how to set up and use the NextGen plugin to improve photo management and create slideshows and galleries that can be rated or contributed to by users.

WordPress: Modifying Themes

Learn how themes are constructed and how to get your chosen theme to work exactly the way you want it to.

WordPress: Building a "Topics" Site

A news site often publishes many related articles on the same topic, such as "Healthcare Reform." While these disparate articles may be linked to one another through a tagging or category interface, it's ideal if a site can maintain a single, stable URL that gathers related content under a single umbrella. Having a "topic page" system helps both readers and the publication to locate and target related information, and improves SEO value. This tutorial demonstrates how KDMC fellows can use our demonstration "Topic Central" system, as well as how developers can create such a system with WordPress.

WordPress Links and Resources

Additional reading, related software, training and more.