civil court lawsuits

Courts Online

State civil courts, such as superior courts, across the country are starting to put their indexes to cases online, including many in California.

Some superior courts - such as Alameda County and San Francisco County in the Bay Area - are even posting electronic copies of documents filed in civil cases.

U.S. District Courts are less likely to have much information on their websites. That's because they use a proprietary electronic system called PACER to which people, especially lawyers, pay a fee to subscribe and see the index of federal court cases or documents filed in those cases.

Appeals courts at both the state and federal level frequently post on their websites indexes of cases they are hearing and the judges' final rulings in many cases.

You need to check the website for each individual court to see what's available.

Also look for special sections of court websites where some courts have posted filings on cases that have attracted a great deal of public attention.