property tax collector's office


Each county has a property tax collector's office that collects property taxes (often referred to as "secured" property taxes) from property owners.

The tax collector relies on the county assessor's office to get the assessed value of each piece of property.

The tax collector then applies to that value the property tax rate (which is a percentage of the value of the property) to compute the final tax bill. This is called an "ad valorem" tax, which means "according to value."

Other special taxes also are often collected on different pieces of property. These include:

  • A parcel tax a city may enact to collect money for city services
  • A special assessment district within a city in which property owners pay a special tax for improvements such as street lights or sewer service
  • Special school district taxes
  • Taxes on land in areas susceptible to floods

These taxes sometimes are assessed based on the value of the property. In other cases there is just a flat tax on each parcel of land.

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