criminal court records

Calendars and Dockets for Criminal Courts

Each court keeps a daily and weekly calendar or “docket” of pending criminal cases that are coming up for some kind of court hearing.

These calendars usually list the names of the defendants, the case numbers, the date and time each court appearance is going to be held, and the judge’s courtroom (or “department”) where the hearing is being held.

Daily calendars are kept on what’s happening in court that day, and advance calendars list cases coming up in the next several days or week.

The calendars are organized by the names of the judges in the court, listing after each judge's name the cases they will be hearing. The calendars are not organized by the names of the defendants.

Each individual court - county superior courts and U.S. district courts - keeps its own calendars. There is no free, publicly available master calendar that can be searched to find all criminal cases pending against a particular person in every court.

So you have to go to each court separately to check its calendar of criminal cases.

Sample Calendars:

To see a calendar, click on the calendar icon next to a judge's name. The listings for criminal cases begin with the letters cr.