embedding multimedia


This is where your skills come together - Web page creation skills, interview skills, audio and video editing skills, and storytelling skills all converge at this point. Inserting media into Web pages is a bit more difficult than creating plain old HTML with graphics, but if you've mastered the other tutorials in this site, you'll do fine.

Before you can begin inserting audio and video into Web pages, you must first have some audio and video content to work with. This tutorial assumes that have already edited your audio or video in ProTools, iMovie, Final Cut, or other media application, and that you've alrady exported your audio or video as web-ready compressed QuickTime files.

Finally, you'll need to decide how the media should "appear" to the user of your web site. Should your audio or video start playing as soon as the page is loaded, with no start/stop controls? Should a separate window launch with the playback controls inside? Should you launch the Real or QuickTime player application itself? For the sake of this exercise, we'll first create a link that launches a separate player, then we'll get a bit fancier and embed a QuickTime controller directly into the web page.

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