getting started with facebook for journalists


If Facebook were a country, it would be the eighth most populous country in the world. Only this country is like nothing you've ever experienced.

When visiting a foreign country it's always best to prepare and have a basic understanding of how to get along. Studying the social norms, laws and rules is prudent.

One of the most important issues for journalists to resolve is how much personal and professional information is public. In addition to normal concerns of privacy and the real danger of identity theft, journalists are pulled by the desire for transparency in what we do and the need to protect sources and to protect the privacy of our family and friends.

Jumping head first into Facebook without considering the implications of how you setup your account can result in unwanted exposure of your personal information. This tutorial takes you though the setup process and shows you how to setup your account for maximum sensible privacy. 

After you've mastered the basics and feel comfortable with your understanding of the many Facebook settings you can gradually peel off levels of privacy to reveal the information that you choose.

This tutorial is designed to give journalists a basic understanding of Facebook setup and privacy issues.

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