getting started with facebook for journalists

The Wall and News Feed

The Wall in Facebook is where you publish content. This content can be a standard text post or it can be a photo, video or a link to other content on the Internet.

The Wall is also the place where your Facebook friends can post messages and other content for you and your friends to read, view or watch. 

facebook wall sample

In the above example, Scot posted a message about this tutorial and Jeremy posted a message and a link to the KDMC home page.

The Wall in Facebook is the primary place you will interact with your Facebook Friends. 

The News Feed on the Facebook homepage publishes a stream of news about you and your friends.

facebook news feed sample

The above example shows News Feed items posted by my Facebook friends. These are "news" items that these friends published on their own Facebook Wall pages. Facebook automatically publishes these news items to the News Feed of all their friends. These are news items about friends that are not directed at any specific person. These are items that friends publish on their Wall that go out to all of their friends.

You can also filter your news feeds by Facebook Friends Lists. Clicking one of the lists in the left column will just show you the news from from friends who are on that list.