final cut pro

Adjusting the Audio Level of a Clip

Audio tracks, either those associated with your video or tracks that are just audio, are displayed as blue areas at the bottom of your Timeline.

If you want to stop the audio from playing on a particular audio track you can turn off the audio for a particular track in the Timeline by selecting the green hide or mute button to the far left. The audio then will not play as part of your sequence of clips.

You also can adjust the overall audio level for a track, making it louder or softer.

First click on the small icon that looks like a mountain on the lower left of the Timeline. This will display a horizontal purple audio level line in the middle of on your audio track.

Click on the purple audio level line and drag it down to lower the overall audio level or up to increase the audio level. 

You also can display the audio waveform - a visual representation of the audio that shows when the audio peaks.

To do this, double click on the audio track in the Timeline, which will open up the audio clip in an audio editing box in the Viewer above.

In the Viewer you also can click on the horizontal purple audio level line in the middle of your audio track and drag it up or down to change the audio level (you'll see the level simultaneously change in the audio clip in the Timeline).