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Getting Video Off of the Camera

There are two methods to getting video footage off of your camera and into Final Cut Pro. The method will depend on the type of camera you have. If you you are using a camera that records to tape media, you must use a process called logging and capturing. If your video camera records to a memory card, you will have to go through a process called logging and transferring

How to connect a camera to the computer (for cameras that record to tape media)

To capture video off your digital camera you need to connect it to the computer with a FireWire cable.

A stanard 4-pin to 6-pin firewire cable for importing video

Firewire is the standard for Apple computers and a firewire port is built into each one. It also is used by Windows PC computers to do video capture, although in some cases you'll have to purchase a firewire card to insert into an expansion slot in your PC to create a FireWire port.

You connect one end of the cable to the FireWire port in the back of your computer. Then connect the other end to the firewire jack in your digital video camera.

Then turn on the camera, setting it to VTR or playback mode, and put the mini-DV tape you want to capture video from into the camera.

When you launch Final Cut Pro it now will detect the camera and allow you to control playing of your mini-DV tape using your computer monitor, including selecting clips to capture.

If Final Cut Pro does not automatically detect your camera, you may need to use the Easy Setup option found under the Final Cut Pro menu.

Importing media from a camera that records to a memory card

The process from importing media from cameras that record to a memory card is different than cameras that record to tape. Cameras that record footage to memory cards do not require you to plug the camera into the computer. The easiest way is to ingest the footage directly from the memory card using a card reader.

A Transcend 16gb class 6 SDHC memory card for video

Eject the memory card from your camera, and plug the card into a card reader. Then follow the process of logging and transferring video.