final cut pro

Opening the Audio and Video Files in Pro Tools

Now open ProTools, create a new session, import the audio tracks you exported from Final Cut Pro into the Pro Tools audio bin and then move the audio to the ProTools timeline for editing. Use the "shuffle" mode to snap files to 0:00 in the time line.

To import the video segment to accompany the audio, in the menu at the top select:

Movie...Import Movie

Find the movie you exported from Final Cut Pro in the folder where you placed it on your hard drive or firewire drive, and click on:


This will create a new track in the Pro Tools timeline for the video.

If you then play the audio in Pro Tools, the video will play along with it so you can see the video as you fine-tune your audio.

When you're editing the audio, if you decide to delete a portion of it, make sure you're in slip, not shuffle mode, so the edited audio will remain in place and still in synch with your video.

Exporting Audio back to Final Cut Pro

When you're done editing your audio, follow the bounce to disc process for exporting the audio. Make sure the File Type is AIFF, and the the Sample Rate at 4800

Select a folder on your hard drive or firewire drive for the file, and give it a name, such as "FCP Edited Video."

Now in Final Cut Pro, in the menu at the top select:

File...Import File

Find the file with the edited audio on your hard drive or firewire drive and import it into the Final Cut Pro browser.

Then you can drag the edited audio onto your timeline to replace the old audio in your Final Cut Pro sequence. Make sure you have snapping on in Final Cut Pro, so your edited audio track keeps in synch with the existing video in the timeline.