financial disclosure statements

Federal - Online

Many of the federal financial disclosure statements are available online at government or government watchdog sites.


U.S. House of Representatives - Office of the Clerk - Financial Disclosure Reports Database

Search by name of a representative to get a copy of their financial disclosure statement in .pdf format.

U.S. Senate - United States Senate Financial Disclosures

Search by name of a senator to get a copy of their financial disclosure statement in .pdf format.

President, Vice President and Executive Branch - The President's and Vice President's 2013 Financial Disclosure Forms

The official presidential site has the financial disclosure forms for the president and vice president available in pdf format. - Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure reports

Copies of financial disclosure statements for executive branch officials can be requested from the White House press office using an online form. The forms are sent via email.

Supreme Court and Other Federal Courts

Open Secrets - Personal Finances

Financial disclosure statements on U.S. Supreme Court Justices are not available at the Supreme Court website.

But they are available at the Open Secrets website.

At the Open Secrets site, scroll down to the section on the left labeled Search PFD database, type in the name of a Supreme Court Justice and click on the search icon. At the new page select the name of the justice, and then scroll down to the section labeled Images to see the most recent filing.

For other federal judges, such as appeals court or district court judges, you can request copies of their financial disclosure forms from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts using an online form.

All Federal Offices - Open Secrets

Open Secrets - Personal Finances

The Open Secrets website, run by the Center for Responsive Politics, has copies of the financial disclosure reports for members of the U.S. House and Senate, the president and vice president, top executive branch officials and U.S. Supreme Court justices.