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This tutorial is an introduction to the Adobe CS4 Flash program. It will walk through the process of creating button symbols, which is one of the most fundamental parts of Flash. Buttons allow the user to interact with a Flash project, and extend the capabilities of Flash beyond simple animations.

This tutorial will use elements of a Flash project originally built by the Minneapolis Star Tribune as a way for learning how buttons work. An original copy of the project by the Star Tribune can be viewed here.

First, let us take a look at the example of the finished project this tutorial will describe how to build:

A special thanks to the Minneapolis Star Tribune for providing elements of this Flash project.

Notice as you move the mouse arrow over the different areas of the firefighter, a circle appears to indicate that an area is clickable. When clicked, a larger detail image of a piece of equipment is displayed for more information.

Each of these areas on the firefighter are called invisible buttons in Flash. We will walk through the process of creating a basic button, and then learn how to edit the button so that it no longer appears except when a user moves their mouse arrow over an area of the project.

The materials for this tutorial can be downloaded by right-clicking (control-click for mac) and saving the file to a folder on your computer. The file is a compressed .zip file that contains all of the images and sounds that will be used in this tutorial.

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