building a slideshow with flash


Flash CS4 iconAdobe Flash is a powerful vector-based animation tool that has become the de facto standard for multimedia on the Internet because it allows authors to create online presentations with minimum file sizes.

With Flash, Web presentations can blend text, pictures, video, audio, interactive buttons and animated charts and graphs. Flash is also becoming a rich ground for multimedia journalism, because its interactivity lends itself as a medium to non-linear, reader-directed storytelling.

We take a two-pronged approach to teaching Flash. This tutorial is a basic entry-level introduction to Flash. It will cover how to use the timeline to make a simple animated photo slideshow. The second step is creating a self-contained program with interactive buttons and media, which can be found in this tutorial.

This tutorial was written using Flash CS4. Some of the screenshots may not match exactly if you are using earlier versions of Flash, but this tutorial will be applicable to people using Flash versions 8 and above.

A 30-day trial version of Flash can be downloaded from Adobe's Web site (registration required):

Flash is also sold in packaged "suites" by Adobe at greatly reduced prices.

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