building a slideshow with flash

Sample Media

This page includes sample images, audio, and video you can use to start working with Flash. It also includes some sample .FLA files you can use to see how a working version of the tutorial is constructed.

Sample Images

First, you need images to create a Flash movie. For this tutorial, you're going to create a slide show with at least four jpg images.

If you don't already have four jpg images to use for the slide show, click on each of the images below and drag them to your desktop. (With a double-click mouse you can also right click on the image and save it to your computer.)

Sample Audio/Video

You'll also need some audio and video to work with. Here are a QuickTime movie and an audio file to download. Tip: To prevent these from playing in your web browser, you'll want to explicitly download them. You can do this by right-clicking the files (Mac: Ctrl-click) and choosing "Save Linked File As..." from the context menu.

Download shark movie
Download cricket audio

Sample Flash Files

The downloadable .fla files below can be used to follow along with the preceding tutorial. But you should use these as a reference, not as a substitute for creating the .fla files yourself.

Download slide show (.fla file)
Download photos with text (.fla file)
Download photos with text and audio (.fla file)
Download photos with text, audio and video (.fla file)

Timeline sample (.fla file)