garageband—basic editing


After finish editing, you need to export the interview.

finished editing

Move the End Marker before exporting.

end point close-up

Click the End Marker in the Multitrack window ruler and drag the maker to the end of the interview.

end marker moved

The End Marker is correctly positioned and the project is ready for export.

select share from top menu and select Export Song to Disk

Select Export Song to Disk from the Share menu.

export uncompressed

If you are using this sound project in Final Cut Pro or any other program that will import uncompressed sound files, do not check the Compress checkbox.

export compressed

If you are using this sound project in SoundSlides or any program that requires a compressed file, check the Compress checkbox and select the method of compression and the settings. This setting is for Soundslides and is set to the required MP3 file format and uses the 128 kbps setting.

save the sound project

Give the export a name (1) and check the location (2) to make sure you know where the file will be saved. Then click the Save button (3).