garageband—basic editing

Setting up GarageBand

Open GarageBand. 

open garageband

GarageBand requires you to select a project type.

choose podcast

Choose Podcast (1) and click Choose (2).

podcast screen

This is the podcasting screen. The first step is to simplify the interface.

Simplifying the interface

Click the Edit button (1) and the Media button (2) to close those two panels.

simplified screen

This interface is less complex.

 hide podcast track

Select Hide Podcast Track from the Track menu.

even less complex

The screen is even less complex.

ducking menu off

Turn off Ducking. [Ducking is a way to automatically lower the background sound when the foreground sound is louder.]

ducking off

Ducking is off and there are no ducking controls in the track head.

delete track

Delete all but one track—GarageBand requires at least one track.

position finder window

Position the Finder Window containing the audio source files at the top right of the Finder window.