geotagging and mapping photos


One of the best ways to take advantage of the possibilities of multimedia is to include a map with your story. The use of maps have found multiple applications, from real estate to travel, even plotting sites where crime occurs.

Geotagging, or geocoding, is the process of tagging photographs with location data in order to display them on a map. It is increasingly popular as free online mapping tools become more sophisticated.

Here, we will introduce you to a Mac-based workflow for correctly embedding multiple photos in online maps. Working on a Windows computer follows the same workflow, the major difference is the use of which software package used for geotagging the photos.

In this lesson, our goal is to take a walk, shoot some photos, and use a GPS device to keep track of the path. With that data, we will then use a geotagging program to match the photos with their location. And with that information, we will map the photos online. Although the procedure may seem complex, the individual steps are quite straightforward.

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