geotagging and mapping photos


This tutorial relies on two pieces of hardware:

1) A digital camera. Any camera that records the time the image is shot will do.

2) A GPS tracking device. The general workflow outlined in this tutorial will work for any GPS tracking device. Details, such as the output file format of the device, can vary, so be sure to consult any accompanying manuals. But the principles of geocoding photos and uploading them are essentially the same. For our purposes, we are using the GARMIN eTrex Vista HCx personal navigator:

GPS device

The GARMIN device comes with an owner's manual. You can also download one at the product web page.

The primary software we are using is a Mac-only program called HoudahGeo. It can be downloaded online, though is somewhat costly at 25 euros. There are other programs that may yield similar results, but this is a popular geocoding softare choice for Macs. We will also employ an FTP program to upload photos to a web server, Excel to aggregate the data for the map, and an online service called ZeeMaps to map location data online

*If you are using a PC, we have heard good things about the geomapping program RoboGeo. And if you have an iPhone, you may be able to use an application like Trails to turn your iPhone into a GPS tracker.