Connecting the Video Camera to the Computer

To capture video off your digital camera you need to connect it to the computer with a cable - usually a 6 pin to 4 pin Firewire cable.

Firewire is the standard for Apple computers and a firewire port is built into each one. It also is used by Windows PC computers to do video capture, although in some cases you'll have to purchase a firewire card to insert into an expansion slot in your PC to create a firewire port.

You connect the 6 pin end of the cable to the firewire port in the back of your computer. Then connect the other 4 pin end to the firewire jack in your digital video camera.

On the Sony TRV900 and TRV11, the firewire jack is on the right front side of the camera under the gray flap. It's the jack for DV in/out and has an icon of an I next to it.

Then turn on the camera and put the mini-DV tape from which you want to capture video into the camera. Set the camera to VTR/VCR or playback mode,

When you launch iMovie it now will detect the camera and allow you to control playing of your mini-DV tape using your computer monitor, including selecting clips to capture.