lexis nexis


LexisNexis is a huge electronic database of newspaper and magazine stories, transcripts of TV broadcasts and summaries of public records filings.

This tutorial covers the part of the LexisNexis service for researching news stories (and some public records).

There are three basic steps to using LexisNexis:

  • Choosing an information source, such as a news publication or a records database to search.
  • Selecting search terms to locate stories or documents within the information source you've selected.
  • Viewing and navigating through the specific stories or documents retrieved in your search of an information source.

LexisNexis charges to use the service and you need to contact LexisNexis about setting up an account. 

You also can check public libraries to see if they have a LexisNexis account that's available for free public use.

Besides LexisNexis, there are other paid services that provide access to archives of news stories or public records. Among the more popular ones are Factiva or ProQuest for news archives.

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