lexis nexis

Searching for Other Information Sources

If you want to use other news sources or databases for your search, such as an individual publication, just below the Sources pull-down menu click on the tiny link for:

More sources

At the new screen, toward the top make sure the Find Sources tab is selected.

Now toward the top select the entry for:


Then type into the search box the name of the source you're looking for, such as the title of a publication.

Begin the search by clicking on the Find Sources button to the right.

At the results page, you'll see a list of information sources that match your keywords.

To get more information on what's in a source, click on the tiny i next to it.

To add a source to the list of those you can search, click on the small box next to it.

Then to return to the main search page, click on the red OK - Continue button to the far right.

The source or sources you selected will now appear as the highlighted option in the Sources pull-down menu.

Other Ways to Find Sources

There are a couple of other options for finding sources of information in the Nexis database.

After selecting More sources at the main search page, at the top left of the new page you can select:

  • Alphabet - clicking on this option at the top will give you alphabetical lists of the titles of all the information sources in the LexisNexis database.
  • Browse Sources - clicking on this tab at the top left will let you browse through the various information sources available on LexisNexis, using topical folders and sub-folders.

To then add an information source to your list of searchable sources use the same procedure described above for a keyword search.