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Searching within a Search

If you did a search and like the results, but now you want to zero in on some particular details about the topic you’re researching, you can focus your search on a specific subtopic by doing a search within a search.

This preserves your original search results to which you can return and then do another search within your general search to focus on a different subtopic.

To search withing a search, after getting the results from an initial search look for the box at the upper right labeled:

Search within results

Type a keyword into the box and click on the button labeled:


Lexis-Nexis will temporarily add this word to your original search and only retrieve stories that also have this word. This will produce a more limited number of stories focused on a particular subject.

If you want to use several keywords to focus your search even more, type in the first word, then the AND connector, then your next word, and so on.

To return to your original search, click on the red tab on the right labeled:


That will return you to the original list of retrieved stories or documents.

You now can do another focused search within your general search, using a different set of keywords to zero in on some other topic in the list of stories.

Sample Search within a Search

For example, let's say you're looking for articles written about NASA’s March 1998 Lunar Prospector space probe that discovered ice on the moon.

First, select All News information source.

Then type in these search terms:

lunar prospector AND moon AND ice

That gives you a list of articles on the Lunar Prospector’s discovery of ice on the moon.

Now if you want to zero in a subtopic – such as whether there is some international treaty that might determine who has ownership rights to that ice - you could do a focused search within your search.

In the box at the upper right labeled Search within results, type in this search string:

treaty AND own!

Then click on the Go button.

This search is still about stories that have the words lunar prospector and moon and ice in them (as in your original search).

But now the search is limited to only those stories that also have the word treaty and any variation on the word own (such as owned or ownership).

This more focused search will retrieve far fewer stories, and in those articles you'll find a description of the United Nations treaty governing ownership of the moon.

Notice that you do not use a Boolean connector - AND, OR, NOT - at the start of a search within a search. A focused search like this assumes you want to narrow your search by only retrieving articles that also have the new words you type (the equivalent of a search using the AND connector).

You now can easily go back to your original search results by clicking on the red tab on the right for:


Then you could do another search within a search to focus on another particular aspect of the discovery of ice on the moon, by repeating the steps above.