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Selecting Multiple Information Sources to Search

You can select multiple information sources to search all at once, such as searching two publications simultaneously.

To do this, at the main LexisNexis Power Search page click on the link to:

More sources

Then go through the process of Searching for Other Information Sources described earlier in this tutorial, including clicking on the small box next to a particular source to select it (but do not click on the OK - Continue button).

To add another source to search simultaneously, simply repeat the process of searching for and selecting an information source.

Repeat this process as many times as you want, to add more sources to search simultaneously.

To see all the sources you've added to this combined list of sources to search, look at the Selected Sources box to the right.

When you're done compiling your list of sources to search simultaneously, click on the red button to the right labeled:

OK - Continue

That will return you to the main Lexis-Nexis Power Search page, and the names of the sources you selected should now appear as the highlighted option in the Sources pull-down menu.

The entry will have a plus sign (+) next to it, indicating this actually is a combination of information sources to be searched simultaneously.