lexis nexis

Wildcard Letters

You can add wildcards to a search word if you’re unsure of how a word was spelled in a news story or document or if you want to retrieve variations on a word. The wildcard character acts as a substitute for any letter in a word.

To put a wildcard in for a letter in a search word, simply type an asterisk (*) in place of the letter.

You also can use multiple asterisks as wildcards for more than one letter in a word.

But be sure to substitute one wildcard letter for each missing letter in the word (in other words, if you use three wildcard letters in a row in the middle of a word, Lexis-Nexis will only find words that also have three letters in the middle of the word, not two letters or one letter).

Wildcard at the End of a Search Word

To put a wildcard at the end of a search word to retrieve any variation on that word, type an exclamation point (!) at the end of a word.

Thus if you wanted to get all the variations on the word indict, you would type:


That would retrieve any stories in which the word indict appeared, along with any stories in which just the word indicted appeared, or stories in which just the word indictment appeared, and so on.