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IRS Form 990s Online

Several websites make available online copies of the form 990s filed by tax exempt nonprofit organizations.


The GuideStar site has a searchable database of millions of nonprofit organizations that includes electronic copies of their form 990 filings with the IRS. To view documents on the GuideStar site you'll have to register, but it's free.

Once you're registered, at the main GuideStar page just enter the name or part of the name of a nonprofit in the search box.

GuideStar will return a list of any nonprofits that have your words in their names or descriptions. Click on the listing for the nonprofit you're researching.

To access the form 990 for a nonprofit, look for the tab labeled Forms 990 & Docs.

You also can click on the advanced search link on the GuideStar home page to do a more refined search or to search for all nonprofits in a particular city.

National Center for Charitable Statistics

This site also has a searchable database of tax-exempt nonprofits that includes their form 990s filings.

At the main page, click on the Find a Nonprofit link.

This site has form 990s on nonprofits going back 10 years (thanks to Harriet Rowan for pointing out this site).

Foundation Center

At the Foundation Center site you can search by name of a foundation to access its form 990s.