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Advanced Point-and-shoot cameraPhotography has always been a crucial part of telling stories. Since the earliest cameras were invented, photographs have been used to document events and depict moments in time in ways that words often cannot. But through the years, photography has advanced technologically allowing journalists more capability to take better pictures more quickly and more efficiently. This tutorial will cover some of the primary technologies in current cameras and will describe some of the key differences in camera types.

In digital photography there are hundreds of different types of cameras for various specialties and purposes. But in the scope of this tutorial, we have whittled it down the journalistic use of cameras into three basic camera types:

  • Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras
  • Advanced Point-and-Shoot cameras
  • Consumer Point-and-Shoot cameras

Each camera comes with different prices points and advantages. This tutorial will cover the key differences between these camera types and will include some buying guides to purchasing these cameras for the newsroom. 

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