picking the right media for a story


Here are the types of stories or aspects of stories that lend themselves to text:

Background information - a FAQ can be a very effective way to give people background information. Examples:

  • Remnants of War - UC Berkeley Journalism School student project - click on the FAQs link

Analysis and explanation

Pros and cons of an issue

History - although a graphical timeline can be more effective

Thumbnails for profiles - biographical facts about people in a story

Summaries - especially important with a multimedia package. Include a text box to tell people what the package or a particular page is all about. Examples:

  • Changing Times - Pittsburg - UC Berkeley Journalism School News21 project (imagine this page without the summary box to the left)

Breaking news - the quickest way to get information out, and the most efficient way for people to scan it for what's happening now. Examples:

Readings and Resources