Using the Storyboard Tool

Choose File > New > Storyboard. Up pops a Storyboard window.


Drag all of your clips into the Storyboard window. You can do it all at once by choosing them all, or in the order in which you want them to play. If you do it all at once, Adobe Premiere will order them alphabetically.

Follow the arrows… that's the order in which they appear. If you want to switch them around, just drag and drop. There are no blank spaces to delete.

If you want to see what the order looks like, click on Automate to Timeline (the left button of the two buttons in the lower right hand corner of the Storyboard window). Adobe automatically puts them in the timeline.

Save and name your Storyboard (it shows up in the Project window). Check out this rough cut by clicking on the Timeline and hitting the space bar. You can save several Storyboards, if you want to.

Now you can fine tune the edits in your timeline by using the trim tool.