premiere pro cs6

Editing Clips with In and Out Points

A clip you have in the Project pane can be displayed in the Source pane so you edit it and only move to your Timeline sequence the part of a clip you want to use in your movie. So you can edit out any bad or unnecessary footage and not have it cluttering up your sequence.

In the Project pane, double click on the clip you want to edit to display it in the Source pane.

Source pane in Adobe Premiere CS6

Play the clip using the play controls at the bottom of the Source pane, or by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard (press the spacebar once to play and then again to pause the clip).

You also can use the jkl keys on your keyboard to play the clip - l to play, j to rewind, k to pause.

Or you can scrub through a clip by clicking on the yellow playhead just under the clip and dragging that to the right or left.

You select the part of the clip you want to move to the Timeline by setting in and out points in the clip.

At the point where you want your clip to start playing press the I key on your keyboard to set the In point. Then  at the point where you want your clip to end press the O key to set the Out point.

You will see a green area appear in the scrubber bar below the clip designating the area between your in and out points.

The In and Out points also can be moved by clicking and dragging on either edge of the green section of the scrub bar.

Once you've set the section of the clip you want in the In and Out points, you're ready to copy the clip to the Timeline.