premiere pro cs6


There are several ways to import files, including video you shot on a camera, into Premiere.

The easiest is to use Premiere's Media Browser to navigate to the files on your computer that you want to import and then just drag and drop them into Premiere's Project pane area.

To do this, in the Project pane in the lower left of the Premiere screen, click on the tab labeled Media Browser.

Media browser in Premiere CS6

You'll see the file directory for your hard drive displayed on the left. Navigate to the folder that has a file you want to use in your movie, and you'll see the file displayed on the right. Video files will appear as icons showing the first scene from the clip.

Make sure you click the icon view button at the bottom of the media browser to display your video and photos as icons. You can also adjust the slider at the bottom to increase the size of the icons.

Icon view in the media browser of Adobe Premiere CS6

You can preview a clip to make sure it's one you want to import by hovering your mouse over it and moving the mouse to the right or left to scrub back and forth through the clip. Don't click down on the clip, just hover your mouse over it to do the scrubbing. If you do click on the clip, then you can use the small scrubber bar to move through the clip.

Press the tilde key ( ~ ) on the keyboard while the media browser is selected to view this project pane in fullscreen view. This, in conjuction with zooming on thumbnail view, offers an easy way to scrub through your videos and preview your clips.

Larger view of media browser

To import a file you can click on it in the Media Browser, hold down your mouse button and drag the file to the left until it hovers over the Project tab. That will open up the project files area below the project tab. Drag the file down to the project files area and release. If you have the Project area open as a separate pane, just drag a file from the Media Browser to the Project pane area and release to import it.

Or you can right click on a file and select import from the drop-down menu.

In any of these methods, Premiere imports the file and the file will appear in the Project files area (click on the Project tab or Project pane to see the file).

Importing Video Files Shot on a Camera

Use the same process when importing video files you shot on a camera and copied to you computer from the camera's memory card.

Premiere knows how to decode all the standard formats used to record video, so the video files from a camera can be displayed in the Media Browser.

The video files will appear as icons showing the first scene of the clip, and you can preview them and then drag and drop the ones you want into project files area.