premiere pro cs6


To add a transition between clips, such as a cross dissolve so the first clip gradually fades out as a second clip fades in, go to the Project pane and click on the tab for Effects. Then select Video Transitions to see a set of folders that have all the different transitions that are available.

Effect tab

One of the most commonly used transitions is the cross dissolve. Open the Dissolve folder and you'll see the Cross Dissolve transition listed there.

To add the transition between two clips in your Timeline sequence, position your playhead between two clips, then click on a transition like the cross dissolve, hold down your mouse button, drag the transition to the Timeline and release it when positioned between the two clips.

You'll see a gray area added between the clips, which is the transition.

cross dissolve in the timeline

A quicker way to add a cross dissolve between two clips is to use a keyboard shortcut: position the playhead between the two clips and press the D key on your keyboard. A transition will be added at that point.

By default transitions are one second long. If you want to change the duration or move the transition slightly to the left or right, first click on the tiny disclosure triangle at the far left next to the title of the track you're working on (such as Video 1). This will expand the height of the track so the transition can be selected.

Then double click on the gray transition area between the two clips. This will open up a box in the Source pane with settings for the transition.

Cross dissolve settings adjustment

The existing Duration is displayed in the middle of the box and you can change it by typing in  a new number (the time is displayed in hours:minutes:seconds:frames).

You can shift the position of the transition so the first clip fades out earlier or later by manipulating the display in the upper right of the three thick colored horizontal lines. Click on the gray line in the middle and move it left or right to change the position of the transition relative to the two clips.

If you want to get rid of the transition, click on it in the Timeline and press the Delete key on your keyboard.