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Pilots and Aircraft Owners

Pilots are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration and you can search a national database to find information on an individual pilot. The FAA also has a database on registered owners of aircraft.


The FAA has an online database you can search by name of owner or by the registration number (N-number) of an aircraft. Go to the:

FAA Registry


The Landings website has databases for locating information on federally licensed pilots, owners of aircraft, maintenance reports on particular aircraft filed with the FAA (which are called Service Difficulty Reports), accident reports filed by the National Transportation Safety Board, and airports. The data is drawn from the FAA and NTSB databases. Go to:

At the main page click on the link at the top for Databases. At the new page, on the left select:

  • Certifications - Pilots - for licensed pilots, searchable by name.
  • Registrations - US - for registered owners of aircraft, searchable by a name or by the registration number (N-number) of an aircraft.
  • Reports - SDRs - for service difficulty reports on mechanical problems of aircraft, searchable by registration or N number.
  • Reports - NTSB - for accident reports on aircraft by the National Transportation Safety Board.