pro tools

Adding Tracks

Now that you have audio files ready, you need to create a track to put them into.

Click on File / New Track. A dialog box will appear asking what kind of track you'd like to create. Choose Mono Track if you're working with audio like interviews or ambient sound. If you're going to import a stereo recording, like a music CD, choose Stereo Tracks.

Now you'll see that a new track has appeared in your workspace.

To bring audio into it, click and drag a filename from your audio bin into the track.

To play that piece of audio, activate the track by clicking on the new soundfile, then press the spacebar. As the audio plays, you'll see the playhead on the track will begin to scroll along the waveform. To stop the audio, press the space bar again.

You'll notice that there are several button options for each track. We'll start by explaining some of the basic buttons.

"Audio 1" is the name of that track. To change it to something a little more relevant, click on the title once and type in a new name.

Below the title are three buttons. R for recording, S for soloing, and M for mute. Use the R button to record audio onto a track, the S button when you only want to hear audio on that specific track, and the M button to silence that track.