pro tools

Basic Audio Editing Tools

Atop the timeline are several editing tool buttons. These are the key buttons you'll use to assemble your audio project.

Protools tools

The tools are (from left to right):

  • Zoomer, which looks like a magnifying glass and when selected lets you zoom in or out of your audio when you click on the track (to zoom in on a particular section of audio, select the Zoomer, click on a track, hold down your mouse button and drag to the left or right and release).
  • Trimmer, which can be used to cut or add to the ends of your audio segments.
  • Selector, which you use to select portions of your audio
  • Grabber, a hand icon you use to move sections of your audio along the timeline
  • Scrubber, a more advanced tool not used as often as the others
  • Pencil, an advanced tool which can permanently delete audio (not recommended)

To the left of the edit tools are four arrow buttons with numbers below.

Protools Zoom tools

These are other ways to zoom into and out of your audio. Click the up arrow to the left to stretch out the wave peaks (this does not change the sound of your audio), or click the down arrow to the left to make the wave peaks flatter.

Click on the back arrow to the far left to make the audio tracks smaller. Click on the forward arrow to the far right to make the audio tracks bigger.

The numbered buttons are zoom presets – click 1 to see your whole project fill the screen, or 5 to get very deep into your project.

To the left of these buttons are the Edit Modes.

Slip shuffle tools

Shuffle and slip are the two you’ll deal most with.

When shuffle is activated, new audio clips you add to a track will butt up perfectly to the ends of your existing audio clips.

If you turn slip on, you can slide tracks anywhere you’d like along the timeline - they will not snap into place next to adjacent clips.

Try tinkering with your audio using the different buttons and editing modes.